I've GOT to think he must have known Tiger was cheating. There's no way Tiger could have had that many bimbos and Steve not know about at least some of it.

Do you think Elin is going to insist that Tiger fire all the enablers and 'yes-men' that surrounded him, as part of the deal to keep the marriage together? If Stevie DID know about this stuff, I'd be furious at him if I were Elin...

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7 Responses to What do you think is going to happen to Tiger’s caddy, Steve Williams?

  1. D.A. says:

    Tiger will probably keep him in the short term since he is not snitching.

  2. mbl says:

    I couldn't disagree with everything you siad more. Tiger and Tiger alone is accountable for his actions. It isn't Steve's or anybody's job to be a cheating vigalante. I have no idea why Elin would be mad at anyone but Tiger.

  3. Fungo says:

    Steve will continue on as Tiger's bag man - collecting the sloppy seconds.
    Why blame him? If one disagrees with his boss, it's could be taken as a sign of disloyalty. Besides Steve was probably "tipped" handsomely for his services.

  4. Skull Boy says:

    Of course Steve knew.

    Having been around these types of people, I can tell you that most superstar athletes married or not, take advantage of their opportunities with women. Some more than others, but you have to understand these guys are constantly pursued and hit on by hot chicks 24/7. Of course everyone around them is hush hush on these matters. If they weren't, you'd here about a lot more celebrity affairs. They have steady jobs they do not want to jeopardize them through any act of disloyalty, plus a lot of these enablers partake in what is called the "left overs". They don't want to spoil their own opportunities either.

    Elin could have Tiger fire his enablers, but they replacements would simply become enablers too.

  5. PLAYER says:

    Tiger's wife doesn't pay the bills he does, and really are most of the men in this country afraid of their women to the point that they let them dictate how they are suppose to live,

  6. guitarman says:

    I really think she shouldn't have a say in who Tiger hires or fires in his professional life. Tiger has to go with the folks who can help him to win. I think every one of us sees some sort of wrongdoing throughout the course of our lives. But do we speak up every time we see something like that happening? Of course not. We carefully weigh out our options. Sometimes being a whistleblower can be a very good thing. But sometimes it can even do more harm than good. It's a very dynamic situation. These types of things must be handled on an individual basis. Also remember that everyone makes mistakes.

  7. The Heckler says:

    Elin will follow Tigers lead & blame his caddy for this one

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